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The Simpsons & Their Mathematical Secret by Simon Singh

The Simpsons & Their Mathematical Secret by Simon Singh
Author: Simon Singh Brand: Other Condition: New ISBN Number: 9789384052690 Language: English Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Price: ৳800.00

While recounting memorable episodes such as bart the genius and homer3, singh weaves in mathematical stories that explore everything from p to mersenne primes, euler's equation to the unsolved riddle of p v. Np from perfect numbers to narcissistic numbers, infinity to even bigger infinities, and much more. Along the way, singh meets members of the simpsons ' brilliant writing team--among them david x. Cohen, al jean, jeff westbrook, and mike reiss--whose love of arcane mathematics becomes clear as they reveal the stories behind the episodes. With wit and clarity, displaying a true fan's zeal, and replete with images from the shows, photographs of the writers, and diagrams and proofs, the simpsons and their mathematical secrets offers an entirely new insight into the most successful show in television history.