Dettol Handwash Gold Liquid Soap Pump

"> The new Dettol Gold formulation is soft on skin, and hard on germs, protecting your family against everyday germs including those that can cause: Skin infections, respiratory infections (Influenza), gastroenteritis (such as Salmonella and Escherichia Coli) > Ideal for the whole family > Dettol’s Trusted Germ Protection formula in a new and fresh variant Keeps you healthy and protected > Use Dettol Liquid Handwash to protect transference of germs from your hands > Dermatologically tested; 10X better protection vs ordinary handwash soaps > Recommended by Doctors of Bangladesh Private Medical Practitioners Association (BPMPA)"
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"Dettol Gold Handwash 200 ml Pump gives Dettol’s Gold Standard of Germ Protection. It is the biggest innovation from Dettol with a special range of products to give you and your family our best ever protection.Our laboratories have developed a revolutionary formula that provides 100% better protection from germs and at the same time respect skin barrier integrity, leaving your skin incredibly soft and smooth. The mix of special ingredients in our Classic Clean variant pampers your skin in a honey scent, providing your hands with a sweet aroma while killing germs. The mix of special ingredients in our Daily Clean variant reinvigorate your skin with its refreshing scent, providing your hands with a fresh aroma while killing germs."
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